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Unleash your inner Memelord and create the world's greatest memes! As NFTs. For free.

LFG? Then pick the image and let's roll! Wanna dive deeper? Read more in FAQ.

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What is the Meme Generator?
It's a free online image editor that lets you add custom resizable text, images, and much more to templates.

You can use it to customize one of the established themes found on the internet, or you can upload your own template and start from scratch. You can mint finished meme as NFT in blockchain. This will make you an owner of that particular piece of art, which you can trade at opensea.
How do I make a meme?
1 ) Choose a background image - You can use one of the popular templates, by clicking on one of the predefined templates on the grid. You can upload an image from your computer by clicking “pick image” or you can paste a link to an image found on the internet into the “paste image url” field.
If you wish to select a different background theme and start over you can click the “change image” button at any time.

2 ) Add customizations - Add, edit and move around texts you want. Place additional stickers (currently supported pepe and ragefaces). Make your meme fun.

3) Create and share - Connect meme generator with metamask by clicking “connect” in the upper corner. When your meme is ready click "Generate Meme" - it will upload your image to IPFS and then mint it onchain as NFT for free (only gas fee applies). When NFT is minted and saved you can preview it on your webapp, share it on opensea or social media. Share it with the community and make it viral!
How can I customize my meme?
- You can add as many textbooks as you want by clicking the “Add text” button.
- Click on existing text to select it - it will enable dragging and resizing the textbox. You click and drag to move text around.
- Change the text size by moving the “Font size” slider Customize text color by clicking “color” or “stroke” and picking the desired color. You can also input custom hex color values.
- Remove text by clicking the trash icon in the left panel or in text canvas it is selected.

-We prepared a set of Pepe and ragefaces stickers that you can use to customize your meme.
- Click on “Pepe” or “rage faces” tab to activate it, click on the selected sticker to add it to your meme
- Select sticker on your meme by clicking it. It will enable dragging and resizing the image.
- Move and resize the image by dragging around
- Remove the image by clicking on the trash icon in the image canvas, when the image is selected.
- Flip sticker horizontally by clicking arrows button sticker canvas.
What is the price for generating NFT meme?
You can generate your NFT for free, we are not taking any charge. You only need to pay the transaction gas fee which depends on chain.
What chains do you support?
Currently, you can generate your meme on polygon (matic) chain. It offers fairly cheap gas fees and supports trading on opensea. We might extend our app to other chains if the community will require such a thing.
What is metamask and how do I connect matic chain?
Where are my images stored?
Your images are uploaded to IPFS service, which offers decentralized and immutable storage.
Where can I see or trade my memes?
You can see the whole gallery and trade your memes in our opensea gallery here. Additionally, you can view memes one by one in your app here
Omg something is not working as it is supposed to!
Give us a report via discord here. We are still working on our generator to make it perfect :)